How to prepare for the defense of your thesis?

!! Congratulations!! You already finished the thesis, that deserves a celebration … but not so fast, there is still something very important and decisive: The defense. We know that you have worked hard to complete your work, however, although you are afraid of standing in front of a panel of juries to receive questions, this last step is inescapable and buy essays online for college.

The defense is like a kind of verification of your acquired skills and knowledge, of course, it is a way to verify that you have developed the research. In addition, this event makes you a colleague of your teachers, something that should not be seen lightly.

We know that thinking about the defense makes any student nervous, for that reason, on this occasion, we would like to prepare you to be successful at the moment. Remember: only you know your research perfectly.

It may seem obvious, but it is an element that you should use in your favor. Your tutor has been a guide, but nobody but you knows exactly everything, be confident. There is nothing that the tutors can ask that you can not answer. The professors will try to know the why of certain aspects related to your thesis, therefore, there is not a single thing that can be examined that you do not master.

If you have confidence in your knowledge and in the quality of your work, you will increase the levels of trust in the jury. They are there to learn a little more about your research, not to demolish it. Also do not forget that you have an ally, your tutor, he is there also to support you.


As usual, it is accompanied by the defense of a presentation that gathers the most important points of your thesis. The jurors want to cut to the chase, they have read your thesis and do not want to delve into a subject they already know. Of course, they have already prepared their questions and concerns, so do not waste energy talking about more in an exhibition.

If you are going to take audiovisual support that is simple, nothing very striking that deconcentrates people. Focus on three things: what you did, how you did it, and what results or conclusions you got. Stands out always the fulfillment of the objectives, that is very important. If you have the opportunity, make a final interview with your tutor to discuss the defense, discuss which aspects you should highlight and the possible questions you might receive.


You must keep in mind that many things will be asked, they can be simple things related to the format or presentation of the text. Or more complex things referring to theoretical arguments or methodological procedures. There will always be some criticism or recommendation. Criticisms should not bother you, because they are the perfect opportunity to assert your views and decisions as a researcher.

It is precisely that, defend your positions as a professional in a finished area, because Wow! You are graduating at that moment, at least symbolically. It may be that you find yourself with a jury very reluctant to accept your arguments, however, if the work is well done there will be no way to reduce it. Always address yourself with respect when you have to contradict a teacher, go to the point and justify your ideas all the time.


If you have a group of friends or relatives, even with the mirror, you can practice your words, posture and tone of voice. All those elements reveal security. Any public speaking technique is good to give a better impression to juries. Speak calmly, without raising your voice, avoid any cries in your vocabulary.

Now you are ready to defend your degree work and then celebrate success!